In-person Functional Fitness Training

Do you prefer training in person?

Enhance your fitness journey with functional training.  Come down and trained in person with Jake, a certified and highly experienced trainer and curate a personalised programme that best meets your goals.

Jake has an integrated approach to fitness and can curate a personalised workout and nutrition plan that delivers results. Whether you are just a beginner, a seasoned fitness enthusiast or an athlete, Jake will help you accelerate your fitness journey.

Why adopt functional Fitness training?

Functional fitness taps into various facets of everyday life and translates them into exercises, improving both mobility and functional strength. This training focuses not only on fitness but increasing your overall quality of life. Functional fitness will help you achieve your current goals with reduced risk of injury and condition your body to be strong and active in the long run.

Virtual training OR in-person training?

There is no difference in the training programme when it comes to these offerings. The only difference is the location and depends on your personal preference. The personalisation and attention that you get don’t wary, only the space does!

You can either train virtually from the comfort of your homes or come down and meet Jake to train in person. Message us for more information on training locations.

Are you ready?

Don’t settle one size fits all approach. Understand your individual needs and work with Jake on a functional training plan that will improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. 

Don’t just exercise, embrace your fitness journey!