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Certified Personal Trainer //

Rock Climbing Instructor //

Rock Climbing Instructor //

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Jake Ong

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Certified Trainer // Rock Climbing Instructor // SpartanSGX Coach

I'm Jake Ong



Certified Personal Trainer // Rock Climbing Instructor // Kayak Coach

I'm Nan Feng



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Our functional training methods focus on four key pillars: Cardio, Strength, Power and Endurance to achieve results in the shortest span of time. Our accredited coaches will guide you with physical training and meal plans to achieve a healthy and happier lifestyle for the long run.

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Personal Fitness Coaching
Comprehensive one-to-one training modules
  • Individual or Pair sessions
  • Personalised meal plans
  • Personalised training program
  • Workout given on days you have no training
  • Guided and monitored throughout
  • Full attention to ensure proper form during exercise
  • Contact Nan Feng or Jake for more information
Life Coaching
1-1 Coaching or Attend a workshop as a group
  • Discover your true purpose and goals
  • All sessions geared towards helping you to achieve your goals in life
  • Goals can be in the area of health, work, relationship, purpose, self-love
  • Breaking down big dreams into smaller, attainable steps
  • Safe environment for you to express without any form of judegment
  • All practices and exercises will be personalised
  • Contact Nan Feng for a free 1 hour clarity call to understand your goals
Self-Training Modules for highly motivated individuals
  • Understand your goals and proficiency
  • Plan and write a structured training program for you
  • Advice on how to plan an effective and structured training program
  • Advice on what is the best meal plan
  • No coaching included
  • Contact Jake for more information
Group Fitness Programs
  • Conducted for Companies, organisations or schools on a per project basis
  • Understand your goals as a team
  • Customised programs planned based on your team’s goals
  • Can be done with or without equipment
  • Can be conducted face-to-face or online
  • Contact Jake or Nan Feng for more information


Our group class, Compound Workout, are conducted on a per project basis. Please contact us for more information if you would like a private group session for your company, school or organisation.

Tuesday @ Bishan Active Park

Tuesday @ Bishan Active Park

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Friday @ Kallang Practice Track

Friday @ Kallang Practise Track

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A toned body comes naturally with regular training and exercise. The benefits of keeping the discipline to workout and doing it correctly are immense.

Being functionally fit allows one to age gracefully. It keeps your cardio and strength in check, minimizing joints and health issues. This way, one can continue to do activities they love such as hiking, cycling, running and so on.

We aim to bring athletes’ performance and fitness to the next level. Our structured programs along with cross training is a promise that we increase your performance and beat the plateau.

  • Monitor your body condition
  • Give workouts, stretch routines to ensure your body is well maintained
  • No consumption of artificial products


• 1-to-1 Coaching • Group Coaching (1 or 2 Coaches)
• Customised training program for your specific goals • Customised training program for your team
• Customised nutrition plan • Guided workout to ensure good form
• Your preferred venue • Attain your team's goals
• Your preferred timing (if available) • Your team's preferred venue and timing


Jake Ong

Certified Fitness Trainer // Rock Climbing Instructor // SpartanSGX Coach

Once an obese kid obsessed with gaming and socially withdrawn, Jake took charge of his life, replacing his obsession with a passion, for fitness. After he become a Commando, he further pursued his passion for fitness through taking up coaching courses, allowing him to share his knowledge with others, bringing positive changes to their life.

His initial fitness training on endurance led him to complete various marathons. Subsequently, he progressed further with strength and functional fitness training.

Jake’ interest in rock climbing began after he completed various obstacles races and also coaching others to do so.

As a fitness enthusiast, Jake challenged himself by completing a custom-made triathlon which consists of 3km swim, 2000 feet rock climb and 50 km marathon. He welcomed the New Year 2017 in style by completing 2017 burpees in the time of 3hours 42 mins on 31st December 2016. Through such feats, he inspired others to think out of the box when it came to any fitness related activities.

Rock Climbing was a sport that facilitated his interaction with kids. Besides just techniques, this sport allowed him to also develop life skills such as self-confidence, perseverance & mental resilience in them.

With his myriad of expertise and creative approach to developing fitness with both the young & and the young at heart, he now wishes to make a difference to the families by incorporating his knowledge and fun approach towards active living.

coach nanfeng sg

Wang Nan Feng

Life Coach // Certified Fitness Coach // Kayaking Coach

Nan Feng is a compassionate and nurturing Coach who has great passion in bringing change to the lives of people around her. In the last 7 years, she dedicated her life to coaching fitness and kayaking, impacting the lives of countless adults, teenagers and children. 

However, Nanfeng has always dreamed of giving and bringing more to lives around her. She constantly seeked improvements in her knowledge, skills, and relationships with others. This, alongside her love and passion to help her Coachees, she eventually found what could help fulfill her life purpose.

In 2020, Nanfeng embarked on her Journey of being a Life Coach. 

In her years of coaching, she has learnt that fitness is only a single aspect of a person’s life. In order for an individual to discover his/her goals and achieve them to lead a purposeful life, Nanfeng recognised that coaching has to happen for all aspects of life, rather than just the physical alone.

Therefore, by becoming a Life Coach, she now takes a holistic approach in coaching and develops her clients. She has created tools to allow them to increase their self awareness, achieve self mastery and therefore self love and fulfillment. 

From there, she believes that her clients will firstly be able to identify their life goals, secondly, overcome challenges that might come their way and finally, work towards their goals.


BMI(Body Mass Index) is to assess how much an individual's body weight departs from what is normal or desirable for a person's height. The weight excess or deficiency maybe accounted for by body fat although other factors such as muscularity also affect BMI significantly. If your BMI is within the healthy range, it may not mean your body is in its healthy condition.
BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 Normal
25 - 29.9 Overweight
30 and Above Obese




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