Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation for All Ages

Slowed down by injury and pain?

Receive customised programmes to ease your injury trauma and achieve your rehabilitation goals. Get back on your feet and regain your strength with Jake’s expertise in injury recovery and mobility training.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation with Jake

Jake is highly qualified and immensely experienced in physical therapy and rehabilitation. He works with people of all ages and levels of need through highly personalised and evidence-based programmes. He has worked with patients ranging from chronic pain, sports injuries to recovery with proven results.

Jake works with you to understand your background specialised needs and preferences and works with you to help you recover, rebuild and consistently olive your quality of life. He will empower you to reach your optimal fitness and activity levels and condition your body for the long run.

Is this for you?

From prevention to recovery, we can map out the right path for you. 

If you think you have to live with your pain, surgery is your only option or you have to resign to a sub-optimal life … think again. There is a better way, to reach out to us to know your options.