Young Achievers : Tok Wei Zhong – Tell yourself “You Can!”

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Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student : Tok Wei Zhong, C Paddler

Due to his small frame, Wei Zhong often felt defeated in and out of training. Within 2 years, he learned to believe in himself. Coupled with his experience and hard work, he came in 3rd in his final C1 1km race, earning his 1st individual event medal in 6 years

Coach Nan Feng is a highly respected person who strives her best to help us as much as possible. More often than not, she will go to remarkable lengths to help us in many different ways.

Though we are her Athletes, it’s normal for us to confide in her with our personal problems, and she would be more than Glad to hear us out and help us in any ways possible. Her coaching style is catered to every individual as she herself is a sportswoman and understand the difficulties that we could be going through.

She analyses the type of person we are and formulate a training that is most suitable and execute it in the best way possible. Personally I’m a weak-minded athlete, and she understands that and will never push me beyond my breaking point.

I have to say her training does pack a few punches and the results are very effective. I could see improvements within weeks and after training under her for 2 years,   I could see vast improvement in my fitness and as a person.

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