Young Achievers: Raeann Lee – Self doubt to Self Esteem

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Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student: Raeann Lee

Nan Feng is an extremely dedicated coach. The level of professionalism she has is amazing. And yet at the same time, she ensures that she gets to know her students on an intimate level. Her ability to simultaneously build a rapport and yet mean business with her young students is what that is unique about her.

These days, gaining the trust and respect of a teenager is not an easy feat. But Nan Feng impeccably gains those two aspects from all the teenagers she coaches. She corrects her students in a way that is sensitive to their feelings but also inspires them to improve.

Personally, I’ve never seen a coach that can single-handedly handle such a large group of people at once with great efficiency. Her booming voice spurs her students to press on even during a hard set. She often speaks words of wisdom, offering extremely enlightening life advice.

Having experience a fair share of coaches, I am aware of the crucial role one plays in the lives of his/her students. Nan Feng’s strategic coaching has enabled me to improve significantly and even show results in major competitions. Prior to her coaching, I was filled with doubts of my own capability. With a coach that had unwavering belief in me, I gained confidence and a heightened passion for the sport.

I am convicted that whoever is coached by Nan Feng will be impacted positively in their fitness journey and mental well-being.

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