Young Achievers: Kaven Lim – Cheeky boy to a Mature Man

Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student: Kaven Lim

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Even as a canoeing coach, Nanfeng has made an impact in my life. Nanfeng is a person who lives her life with passion and inspires those around her. After she has set her mind to something, Nanfeng will work harder and harder and harder to accomplish her goal. It was her strong and contagious positive mindset that made me a stronger athlete too.

Nanfeng always gives her heart and soul to her profession and never yields to difficulties as well challenges. I remember encountering a mental block while training for national interschools which impaired my ability to push for training but Nanfeng never gave up on me. She thought of a plethora of ways to help me get past my mental block but the largest contributing factor was her spirit. Nanfeng embodies the values that she teaches – Performance excellence, determination, professionalism and passion. It was her embodiment of these values that made it so easy to emulate as she was the ideal role model to guide her students to excel.

Nanfeng doesn’t simply interact with us from the capacity of a coach. She is a dear friend, a senior and a respect figure in all of the students that she has touched. She never has a general training guideline that is copied and pasted for all of her students. Instead, she takes the effort and goes beyond her position as coach to understand her students and formulate a training plan that suits them best.

To me, Nanfeng did not just teach me how to canoe. She taught me how to carry myself in life and work for the things I feel passionate about too.

Kaven Lim