Young Achievers: Joel Chin – Smallie is his Name

Coach Nanfeng, kayak, fitness, values, personal trainer, fitness coach, development,kids, kayaking, kiak

Testimonial from Nan Feng Student: Joel Chin

Coach Nanfeng, kayak, fitness, values, personal trainer, fitness coach, development,kids, kayaking, kiak
He’s known as Smallie for his size but he is one with a big heart. A respectful boy that does everything to the best of his abilities. I gave my kids the permission to address me by my name “Nan Feng” as i liked them to treat me as a friend too. On his last season, he started addressing me by “Coach” and its amazing when it comes from the bottom of their heart(:

When I first met Nan Feng, it was in the capacity of senior, junior within the NJ canoeing team. I always looked up to her as a role model in the canoeing scene and maybe was even a little intimidated by the way she throws herself 120% into every training. Whilst both still part of the team, we had the opportunity to train side by side and that is where I believe some of her grit and never say die attitude rubbed off me. I can never forget during weights sessions she would often ask me what weight I am doing this week; she would then proceed to up me by one level at every station. This would motivate me to push harder every week, how could I lose to a girl right? Hahaha but I knew, as you would soon find out that Nan Feng is something different.

Nan Feng never really left the team, intensely invested in her juniors’ progress she often helped out at trainings unofficially after graduating from the team. This was when I managed to experience some 1 to 1 coaching from her and my canoeing improved tremendously. She was able to pick out my training style, what motivates me and my obstacles very accurately and thus we were able to work on them together. Not neglecting my studies, she also taught me skill sets such as prioritising and goal setting which I still find very useful today.

Her passion for coaching is so great that she eventually took over as coach of the canoeing team, this was during my last year of NJ canoeing, although she may have struggled just a little with suddenly being thrown into such daunting task as coaching 80 students with varying standards, styles and personalities. She never gave up. Not on us, not on herself, nor her coaching.

This is probably what sets Nan Feng apart from your average coach. She doesn’t just focus on the star players of the team; she takes time to motivate each member. And she never ever gives up. Even when at times, everything may seem going south, people start abandoning the team, the struggles seem too tough to handle, Nan Feng is able to pull herself through and as a result, pull you through too with her faith in you to reach your potential. I believe no challenge is to big so long as both parties are willing to work through them together.

Nan Feng never stops learning, she improved as a coach both 1 to 1 and as a big group coach by leaps and bounds within my last year of canoeing and is now doing very well coaching multiple schools and groups of passionate individuals. She is open to feedback, ready to be better and genuine. Above all, a great friend that will go the extra mile to help you, reach your potential.

– Joel Chin AKA Smallie

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