Young Achievers: Chua Teckyan – Small Guy, Big Heart, Strong Mind

Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student: Chua Teckyan

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Racing in an Individual event during Nationals is a tough one. All schools placed their fastest paddler in there. Teckyan rised up to the occasion during his Last Nationals and won it through sheer determination and hardwork. All he asked me was “NanFeng, do you think I can do it?”, my answer was “Confirm Can! but you’ve got to believe in it too, I KNOW you can do it.”

Ask anyone from the Singapore canoeing scene and it’s almost certain that they’ve heard of Nan Feng making waves while she was an active paddler. I joined NJC canoeing team in 2014 with Nan Feng as one of my coach. What makes Nan Feng stand out would be the faith she places in each and every one of her students. While every coach believes in their athlete, Nan Feng makes the extra effort to understand what motivates us and always guides us back on our set path. Her sincerity in wanting us to unlock our potential and always being part of the process goes a long way for any athlete.

As a coach, Nan Feng has the ability to cater to our individual needs and differences to ensure we maximise our training. With my rather unconventional technique, Nan Feng incorporated her expertise to improve my technique and to reach my full potential. Her attention to detail found the slightest mistakes and ensured i always put my best foot forward. She understands that every athlete is built differently and found ways to cater to our specific needs, and always making sure we enjoy the sport.

Despite her packed schedules, Nan feng rarely sits out during debriefs and constantly motivates her students on and off the water. Her sheer commitment to each and every one of us, regardless of our ability definitely shines through and inspires those under her. Rooted with the values of good sportsmanship and as an NJ canoeist herself, there is no doubt that you will be in good hands and eventually reach your end goal.

So thank you Nan Feng, for being such an amazing coach and an inspiration to many. I wish you all the best and I am confident that everyone under your watchful eyes will get their results and more importantly, a great friend!

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