Young Achievers: Austin Law – The Captain which all team hopes for

Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student: Austin Law

My name is Austin Law and I was the captain of NJ Canoeing from 2017-2018. Nanfeng joined us
when I was Secondary 3 in 2015 has been my coach for 4 years.

I have learnt many things from her as her coaching style is very effective. Despite the difficult and
tiring programs, she is able to help my team and me overcome the adversities. She is also able to
relate to us as she joins us to do her programs and hence she knows how to tweak it to our needs.
While her programs may be intense, she also focuses on our strengths and weaknesses. She will help
work on our weaknesses while maintaining or even improving our strengths. As a coach, Nanfeng
knows what is important.

In NJCanoeing, we pride ourselves as FIGHTERS – Fortitude, Integrity, Gratitude, Humility, Teamwork, Endurance, Resilience, and Selflessness — and Nanfeng, being an alumnus of this team, understood the significance of these values both on and off the water. Hence, she did not want us to be faster on water without us functioning and being a team. When that was sorted out, she always wants us to give our best, or as she likes to call it, 1Million%, for her programs as our competitors will not bother whether we give our all or not as all they want is to win.

I owe my thanks to Nanfeng has she has really positively changed the team and my life. Overall, she
is able to effectively improve ourselves as a canoeist and as a better person. She is the best coach i
can ever ask for! Thanks coach 🙂

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