Young Achiever: Koh Rui Ting – Size Does Not Matter, the Heart Does

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Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student: Koh Rui Ting 

Coach Nanfeng, kayak, fitness, values, personal trainer, fitness coach, development,kids, kayaking, kiak

Nanfeng is not only a coach, but also a senior and a friend.

With her bubbly personality, she is not the kind of coach who speaks down to her students. She jokes with us, while still being firm during training. She builds a personal relationship with every one of her students outside of training, by either having meals together or simply having a conversation.

The extra time she puts in to understand us allows her to effectively communicate with us. Sometimes it seems like she has a profile database for each student, being able to remember everyone’s progress and thus tweak the programmes for each of us.

Nan Feng focus on the individual, but never forgets the team building element. When the team was facing some problems, she stepped in to guide us to become closer to each other. She gave everyone a chance to give their honest opinions. When we understood each other’s fears and dreams, that’s when we were able to move forward as a team. However, she does not stop here.

Nanfeng also goes the extra mile to make sure we do look out for each other. She incorporated our team’s core values into the training sessions. One of which was small group staggered training, where each member was from different divisions with varying speeds. Each member started at different points in the race course. The member at the zero mark started first, “picking up” the others along the way. However, they must reach the finishing line together as a group while still giving their all in the set. It was difficult and frustrating at first, but fulfilling when at the end of the day, all of us managed to bond through the programme.

Nanfeng develops not just our physical fitness, but also our mental strength. She helps us to overcome our mental obstacles through various programmes, some of which can be very fun.

Examples would be the occasional games after training, or fun self-rescue sessions, to let us feel comfortable in our boat. Sometimes her programmes might seem a little unusual. Once, I paddled 4km break stroke for a technical session, which took very long. Afterwards, my speed dipped for a few weeks. However, I improved tremendously after that. My strokes became more efficient as I learned to not rush them. The ‘Nanfeng style’ is unique, and when done properly, the benefits are endless.

—Koh Rui Ting, NJC

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