Young Achiever : Jacob Tay – 2 years VS 6 years

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Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student : Jacob Tay

What people accomplished in 6 years, he did it in 2 years. During this period, Jacob trained twice as hard as his peers, remained positive and yet managed his studies well.

Coach Nanfeng is one of the most influential people I know, especially since I started doing sports in school. She is truly a passionate and effective mentor who takes a lot of pride and joy in her work.

During the canoeing season of 2015-2016, she was given the immense responsibility of training both the entire NJC and Crescent Girls canoeing team, yet she was undeterred and spent all her hours outside coaching to plan and organised appropriate training programs for each paddler for each training session to ensure that she could properly train and mentor everyone. Coach Nanfeng has genuine passion for coaching and mentoring athletes put under her and she never gives up in helping them to achieve their fullest potential.

I personally remember being a slow learner and always being behind the rest but Nanfeng never gave up on helping me and always had training programs catered for me and took time to pay attention and help me in my paddling technique.

Furthermore, Nanfeng also has experience coaching athletes of multiple ages as she not only coaches students from secondary, JC, and tertiary level schools, but also children below ages 13 through her kids kayaking programme. Coupled with her recent years of coaching multiple schools full time, Coach Nanfeng displays an impeccable ability to adapt and customize her coaching and training to suit and effectively train different athletes. Despite being a young Coach, Nan feng has proven to have been an impactful and capable coach who I will always look up to.

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