Success Stories – Xiaohui: Gaining confidence and positivity through her weightloss journey

Testimonial from Nan feng’s Student: Xiaohui

I battled and struggled with multiple joint injuries and chronic pain my whole life. I went through many years of seeking solutions to my recurrent multiple injuries and had resigned to living with multiple limitations and disabilities. These included bilateral ankle weakness that led to torn ligaments and a fracture, knee pain that did not go away even after surgery and persistent lower back pain. That was not including the general weakness, the constant fear of recurrent injuries and psychological impacts on me.

It was not easy slowing down as I was an active person since young. I used to pride myself in my athletic ability (representing my school in athletics, held leadership roles in my school uniform group and participated in a wide range of outdoor activities). But the recurrent injuries made me scale down my activities.

Before I knew it, my weight had crept up steeply. On top of the joint pains and limitations to daily activities, I then had to struggle with poor self-image. I did not like who I saw in the mirror every day.  There were many unspoken, shame and guilt related to my weight and acceptance of self. Eventually, I hid behind my injuries to justify my limitations and my social life took a big hit. Recovery seems like a goal too far to attain. I had attempted to lose weight before but to gain them all back and I had even signed up for a gym membership to “do something” about staying healthy. These were again, without much success. 

It was a nudge from a friend that I was introduced to Nan Feng. Initially, I was sceptical anyone could help me as I had undergone years of multiple rehabilitation programmes in the healthcare systems. I had been in and out of the hospitals for multiple treatments to my injuries, with none who could really resolve my issues.

It was Nan Feng’s confidence that won me over to start this fitness and hope journey together.

Four months down, I lost 17kg and the door to what I could never imagine happened. My overall health improved (my blood pressure came down) and I could go about my daily activities with lesser effort and pain. My self-confidence increased as I no longer dreaded buying clothes or bumping into old friends. I even had a full wardrobe overhaul (shopping yay)!

Nanfeng crafted a diet plan for me (it was tough!), and she took time to understand where, and what I could manage, whilst progressing me over time. The journey to strength and fitness was a tough one, requiring one’s commitment (both from Nan Feng and self), but it was definitely possible if you had your eyes fixed on your goals and with someone knowledgeable to guide you. It was Nan Feng’s consistent and tailored training that led me to believe I could continue to improve and see a better version of myself.

Even though the journey was not always without hiccups, Nan Feng was understanding and encouraged me each step of the way. She was always ready to listen and respond whenever I had questions and she had this infectious energy that kept each session as engaging as possible.

Her “you can do it” continues to ring in my ears whenever I feel defeated or when my self-negativity hits me. It was not just the physiological change that I gained, but I had a mental shift as well (still work in progress). 

I guessed everyone knew staying healthy was good and needed, but the question was why was Change so difficult? For me, I needed a consistent and understanding coach who believed in me that effected this change. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Nan Feng as I value not just the outcome of the personal training, but the friendship and life-changing journey I had embarked on!

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