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Testimonial from KIAK’s Parent :┬áParents of Marie, Melanie, Michael, Matthew Cheong

Coach Nanfeng, kayak, fitness, values, personal trainer, fitness coach, development,kids, kayaking, kiak

I have known Wang Nan Feng as the Head Coach of Kid In A Kayak Programme since 2015. The programme initially started as a single weekly session with 10 kids but has since expanded into a multi-session programme with more than 80 trainees at the time of this writing. Two of my children were in the initial class, and now, two more of my children have joined the programme. The rapid growth of the programme reflects on Nan Feng’s coaching and administrative ability.

As a coach, Nan Feng draws upon her experience as a national canoeist who has competed in international competitions. She places emphasis on safety, technique, physical training and teamwork. Building upon these fundamentals, she could quickly improve the technical proficiencies of her trainees as well as their confidence level while providing a safe and engaging environment for the trainees to grow in.

Several of her trainees have gone on to perform well in national level competitions within their age groups. These trainees are testament to the success of her coaching method. When interviewed, these young sportsmen responded with maturity, indicating that their success was based upon what Nan Feng had taught them as a coach.

Beyond the Competitive realm, Nan Feng was also able to instill a sense of teamwork and cooperation in her trainees. They are taught to be responsible for their equipment and towards each others’ safety. This foster a cohesiveness within each class of trainees that helps them motivate each other to perform better individually.

In terms of her administrative ability, Nan Feng has been able to recruit and retain her team of junior coaches and over time, empowered them to run their own training sessions. This was one of the key factors that allowed the Kid In A Kayak programme to expand so quickly and still stay successful.

There are many factors that contribute to success as a coach. Nan Feng has the technical knowledge and operational skill to start a training programme. In addition, she has the intangible people skills that would help keep such a programme flourishing.

Having seen her success with KIAK and her interactions with her trainees, I have every confidence in her ability as a coach.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr Gabriel Cheong

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