Success Stories – Veena – Sedentary to Fit

Coach Jake

Jake’s Student – Veena

I met Jake back in late 2017. Having been sedentary for most of my life and dealing with life as a new mum, I had put on weight that I was finding difficult to shed.  I also was battling anxiety and borderline depression, and found little motivation to get by daily tasks, so exercise was a long way off.

My early sessions with Jake were spent around me just talking with him about my day, combined with simple basic workouts. The plan was to first get me accustomed to a regular workout routine before coming up with a fitness plan.

My husband and I started working out together with Jake. Despite our combined wo

Coach Jake

rkout sessions, Jake always made sure that our fitness routines were specifically tailored around our individual fitness levels and abilities.

Over time, I saw myself getting stronger and healthier. Looking at the progress I had begun to make, Jake added more complex workouts to our routine. He got me started on kettlebells which I continue to enjoy doing to date.

Sometime in 2019, I had developed pain in my left knee caused by collapsed foot a

rch. Jake not only helped diagnose and address the problem in a timely manner but also helped put together workouts that enabled me to get rid of the knee pain completely.

At the age of 38, I feel fitter and stronger than I have ever been in my life. I can run and have been progressively lifting heavier kettlebell weights – something I have never done before.

Jake is extremely patient and encouraging. He is accommodating of my busy schedule and is able to tailor my day’s workout based on how strenuous my day has been.

I continue to train with Jake, and cannot thank him enough, as I could not have come this far without his encouragement, support and guidance.

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