Success Stories: Training a National Canoe Champion

Thank you for the opportunity. It’s our pleasure to train you too. 🙂

Nanfeng is one of the most passionate coaches I’ve ever been under – she brings dedication to a whole new level.

I’m most grateful for the time and effort she put into understanding each of our strengths and weaknesses, then effectively customizing training programs for us. Her programs always covered a wide range of technical aspects and physical exertion, while still managing to be fun and refreshing each time.

She believed in me and pushed me past my limits every single day and made trainings a very joyful process towards my goals. It’s rare to have a coach who can develop an athlete both physically and mentally within just one season. Nanfeng did just that. The many months she spent paddling beside me on the waters and talking to me out of training lead up to my last National Canoeing Championships.

During that race, I went past my threshold and paddled my way to first place, all the while imagining Nanfeng’s encouragement by my side. Her passion in the sport and in my team made my last season much more fulfilling and memorable.

Celeste Loh, National Junior College


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