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In late 2017, I considered myself fit, on account of being able to run 5k and manage some aspects of my food. I was overweight and over the next couple of years, struggled with knee pain, workout discipline, long working hours and psychological fatigue.

Coach Jake

As luck would have it, I connected with Jake in early 2018, and was able to ride the troughs I landed in, with a support system and a patient coach who could understand when to keep fitness goals steady and when to accelerate. There were times when I worked out only because the coach had arrived and there was no other intent. I shudder to think about the slippery slopes of obesity I would have dealt with in his absence.

Through the last 3 years, Jake helped me stay fit, giving me weekly goals when possible, rest time when required, and using his craft to understand my body aches, meal plans, intermittent fasting, skill-based workouts and endurance, weaving it into the workout to keep me fresh, positive and fit.

Today as I inch towards the age of 38, my health markers are near-perfect and it is a wonder for me, in spite of not having been in a sport since childhood, after poor discipline and food habits all the way till the age of 30. Thank you Jake for helping me get fit, stay fit and live well.


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