Success Stories: Shaun shares his training experience

Thank you, Shaun for the kind testimonial. Keep up the great work and remember, “Only YOU can make the change to achieve the results you want!”

In today’s fast paced day and age, it is easy to get caught up with the grime of life and not set aside time to look after one’s health and fitness. Hence, meeting Jake and engaging him as a coach helped me refocus my priorities in life, and change my perspective of health and fitness.

Prior to meeting Coach Jake, I used to think “more was better” when it came to training. Jake forced me to adopt a paradigm shift in my thinking, and he made me focus on the quality and objective of each training session. Training is a science, and there should be specific objective for each session. It was through him that I learnt about training my body awareness and mobility, cardiovascular system, muscular endurance and muscular strength. I soon learned that there were certain things that I had taken for granted and needed to re-learn, one example being my breathing as I was doing a 2.4 km run and my breathing as I was doing exercises such as burpees, push ups and pull ups. As mentioned earlier, one of my fitness goals was improving my IPPT performance and coach Jake helped me improve from a Silver to a Gold Award within a year. Besides having IPPT goals, I began participating in obstacle-course-races and Jake’s coaching played a crucial role in helping me improve my performance in such races and in clearing certain obstacles that I would never have ever imagined clearing.

Besides being a coach, Jake soon became a friend who helped me set goals for my health and fitness so that it became a way of life for me while maintaining a balance with the other priorities in my life. Jake set up for me a training log where he entered in my training program, and he encouraged me to enter in training that I carried out on my own. Of course, training is just one aspect of health and fitness, with diet also playing a crucial role. Besides providing tips on training, he also provides nutritional advise. Training with coach Jake is never dull as he often finds ways to innovate the training sessions and getting me out of my comfort zone, or as he would be put it, “… to spice up” the training session. This he does through rock climbing sessions, bouldering sessions, routines on bars, etc.

In summary, I would recommend coach Jake to anyone seeking to make a change in their lives in terms of their health and fitness, or to anyone who has hit a plateau in their fitness performance and am seeking more improvements.

Shaun De Souza

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