Success Stories: Ruchika – When I thought it was impossible

Coach Jake Personal Trainer Coach Singapore

A testimony from our friend Ruchika.


I have been overweight, fatigued, overworked and a hypothyroid patient ever since I had my two kids now aged 5 and 6 years old. I tried many approaches to lose my post pregnancy weight gain with running, diet control, HIIT and hot yoga etc. but to little success. Coach Jake and his prescribed program has clearly been THE differentiating factor attributing to my weight loss of over 6.5kgs over 8 weeks. The added benefits of better quality sleep, removal of upper back tightness, increased strength and more energy to keep up with my demanding schedule have been very welcome.

I have found Coach Jake extremely knowledgeable and professional. He has pushed me to try beyond what I thought I could ever aspire. Alternating between gently nudging me to complete my homework and taking me to task whenever I have been lax, he has been able to strike a good balance as a coach and a personal trainer. He has been relentless in guiding me in my pursuit of better fitness and health goals. Did I mention that I find his facebook posts on various fitness topics very insightful? I have no hesitation in recommending Coach Jake to anyone serious about achieving their fitness goals!


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