Success Stories: Rebecca Ma – Sedentary since young

Testimonial from Jake’s Student: Rebecca Ma


When I was writing this, I cannot help but feel grateful to Coach Jake. Knowledge is important but how much you care for your student is what matters most.

Coach Jake is a Professional Spartan Coach(Local and International) as well. He has helped with setting up Spartan races globally. He cares and inspires his students on a personal level like NO other!

Since young, I have never exercises. I live on the 2nd floor and I never knew how the staircase at my blocks looks like. Taking the stairs was never an option for me. Coach Jake prompted me to start small by climbing the stairs home which is just 2 flights. Small details done daily makes a huge difference. Despite living a sedentary lifestyle, I always want to be healthier and stronger.

During my first session with Coach Jake, I was shocked by his stern method of training. His expertise and experience enable him to know what we as his students needs and wants. Impressed by how he took the extra mile in training and giving homework including preferred lifestyle I was ever driven. He checks in on me with discipline and grace!

To me, he is the best coach around. Never can I find any other similar. If you want a CHANGE, Coach Jake is definitely the one!

Training under him for 1 year and my life has never been the same. Healthier, stronger and non-sedentary me!


Rebecca Ma

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