Success Stories: Michelle Xiao – ACL tear

Testimonial from Jake’s Student: Michelle Xiao

In 2018 January, I had a very serious skiing accident and my right knee ACL was completely torn. After that, I had the ACL reconstruction surgery and started my prolonged rehabilitation. It was tough. I wasn’t able to walk without crutches for almost three months. After gaining the ability to walk again, I found that my leg muscles were reduced dramatically and my overall fitness declined a lot. I wanted to get back to my active lifestyle again quickly.

In addition to seeing my physiotherapist every week, I started to train under Jake every week. Jake examined my conditions carefully, gave me suitable modules to work on, pushed my boundary little by little. I could feel I made progress every week, and that’s addictive.

Jake is very knowledgeable about physical exercise, body construction, as well as

injury recovery and rehabilitation. During the rehabilitation, things can get complicated and my progress was not always linear. When things suddenly became a bit weird, I became insecure and afraid to keep going because I was not able to tell whether the weird body reaction was normal. With a few questions, Jake can quickly diagnose the problems and gave me the confidence to move forward.

Jake’s training and guidance helped me to recover smoothly and faster than expected. In addition, I was able to get back to normal activities such as jogging, swimming, gym as well as climbing in a stable and controlled manner. I am so happy that I made the decision to follow Jake’s advice and training program. Now the rehabilitation phase has ended, I am still seeing Jake every week to achieve higher performance in activities I am doing.

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