Success Stories : Kartik – 500km Bike Expedition

Coach Jake Personal Trainer Coach Singapore

Testimonial from Jake’s Student : Kartik

Jake is a great motivator and coach for all folks, irrespective of their current levels of strength, fitness and agility. From beginners to intermediate athletes can benefit from his advice and instruction.

My wife and I started out as just intending to lose weight through fitness and a tailored diet, but we signed up for distance runs varying from 5km to half marathons. Jake even helped me with a customized training program for endurance bike rides. His training has helped us conquer distances we couldn’t have imagined in years.

His attention to detail and each trainee’s goals paired with his thoroughly professional attitude is the perfect recipe for improving one’s fitness holistically. His emphasis on a sustainable diet and gradual progression of difficulty in challenges has been the key to our improvement in fitness.

We strongly recommend anyone with long-term fitness goals or interest in imbibing a healthy lifestyle to leverage on his expertise and see the results for themselves.


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