Success Stories: Elona Choong – When jogging 400m was a HUGE problem

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A testimonial from Jake’s Student, Elona Choong.


My favourite coach – Jake Ong.
When I first met Jake, it was during one of the community workouts during the Spartan season. The first impression he gave me was that he is indeed a super fit and strong person. Never had I imagined that I’ll be able to train under him, or for that matter, even do the workouts he designed. Coming from a person with zero sports background, to achieve what I have today in my fitness is beyond imagination and is truly a miracle. For just a short period of 3 months, from feeling faintish running from one lamp post to another, I have now completed 2 Spartan sprint races(5km++), an Urbanathalon race(14km++), and accomplished a Spartan Super race(15km++).

Yes, ones’ determination and perseverance is essential, so everyone says. But without proper training, guidance and a role model, the road to my accomplishments would not have been as smooth. A good coach is not someone who only pushes you hard, but be able to judge and understands your strengths and weaknesses, and tune the program accordingly to bring out the full potential in you. By giving you the right amount of push when you feel like giving up, and encouragement when you are failing. All these essential qualities of a good coach are hard to come by, and I’m very glad to say that I have it all under one roof.

The training that Jake provides is always well thought out and planned, smoothly executed, effective and spot on. I always look forward to his workouts, so much so that even my husband can see the anticipation on my face each time before I go to his sessions as if a child who can’t wait to go to a carnival or playground. It is simply because I know that I’m gonna have fun, be well looked after, and gain some muscles at the same time! Jake is my idol and role model, and will always be! And I’m really grateful to have met him and proud calling him my “shifu”.

Now besides doing functional workouts, I’m also taking rock climbing lessons from him. Rock climbing is an adventure sport, and it can be dangerous if you are not careful, and without proper and comprehensive training to build a strong foundation.

Climbing with Jake always put my husband at ease because he knows that I’m in good hands, and I’ll be safe and will be injected with the knowledge I need. I used to be afraid of heights, and I still remember my very first climb. I was shaking and trembling, but somehow hearing his commands relaxes me, and I was able to ascend the route set. I have just completed my level 2 certification with Jake, and I’ve learnt so much during the fruitful 2 days course with him. Not only is he detailed with the theory, explaining them patiently, he also tested our knowledge every now and then to make sure we understood the principals behind and how to remedy any problems faced.

Jake, he’s a sportsman by nature, a teacher who teaches with heart, and a life coach who is able to help you achieve your goals or targets. I will continue to train with Jake for as long as I can, and will most certainly refer him to anyone who is looking to venture into functional fitness, H.I.I.T or rock climbing. For a life-changing experience, a motivating journey, and tangible results, Jake is whom I’ll call.

Thank you, Shifu, for introducing me to rock climbing, for making such an impact on my life, and for turning me into someone fitter, stronger, and healthier. I’ll be forever grateful, thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Elona Choong


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