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I have always been an active person. I completed one marathon, ran two half marathons. I was ex-police and had a very active first half of my life. Then I had kids the year I turned 40. A pair of twins. I think that pregnancy was really tough on my body. And their infant years all through to toddlerhood took away all my ‘me’ time. I hardly had the chance to exercise and my eating habits were bad. I put on a lot of weight and I feel very tired all the time and had body pains throughout my body. The problem areas were specific to my knees and back.

Two years ago, the twins started Primary One. A friend then asked if I wanted to start training with her with a private trainer. We would do the 7.30am slot after the kids go to school. It would take an hour per session. The schedule fits me well and I decided to do the private training. Jake helped to start training my core muscles. I had none after the pregnancy and could not even do simple sit-ups. We would do two simple routines. First phase one was to build strength and phase two would be cardio exercises. He would build on the weekly sessions by giving us homework to do for the week. Monitoring our progress and changing up the homework to build better fitness.

My friend had obvious objective like losing weight. And Jake, along with exercise routine drew up meal plans too. I had just wanted to build core and be fitter. So his advise to me was firstly, cut the amount of sugar in my diet. No soft drinks. No desserts. I still cheat on this from time to time.

A year has passed. Overall, I do feel much fitter and stronger. I am able to keep up with my twins. I have built better knee muscles so that it protects my knee now and there is no more pain. I have longer stamina as witnessed by the recent Dec family ski trip. Even after a day of skiing and chasing after the kids, my body does not ache as much.

I will encourage anyone who feels that they need to become healthier to train with Jake. He explains things in simple terms and bottom line, his methods are effective. You do not need a long time to see results.

Elaine YING

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