Success Stories: Dwayne Lau – Fat to Fit

Testimonial from Jake’s Student: Dwayne Lau


Coach Jake is approachable and very easy to get along with. He was prompt to respond to all my queries upon signing up with him and was never at once pushy or aggressive in his pitch. Our first meeting was met with a smile of assurance as he stretched out his hand to introduce himself. We discussed fitness goals, what I wanted to achieve and within what time frame. He accessed my fitness level and explained his style of training and methods, as well as his expectations for me as his student over this course of training together.

Over a week, Coach Jake analyzed my eating habits and patterns and then later drafted out a meal plan for me to follow for two months. The meals were carefully calculated, ensuring enough protein, vitamins, carbs and nutrition to sustain me each day. It took a couple of days to get used to it and it did require the effort to prepare meals for each day, but the results were worth it. I was never hungry between meals and strangely enough, my cravings were suppressed. He would also give me daily workout routines to adhere to, to keep the body active and functioning throughout the week and in between our sessions.

Jake positions himself as a coach rather than a trainer. This personalized program keeps communications open in between sessions. He listens and responds to queries, rants and cheers you on with each successful day’s work-out. You never feel like you’re training alone because he holds you accountable to the timings needed to complete each workout. Tracking your progress, Coach Jake shifts and changes the intensity based on how much progress your fitness level has made. He pushes you past your preconceived limits only to help you realize that there’s always a little more than we tend to reserve if we were left on our own.

Our one-hour session typically consists of warm-ups, new techniques learnt and a 15 – 20 min main workout and a cool down that follows after. Of course, there’s a lot of laughter, groaning, whining and any possible physical noises that surface from the intense workouts. Coach Jake is alert and attentive. He spots you when necessary, verbally encourages you as you push on. He corrects bad habits, bad forms and coaches you toward having a more effective workout. Workout sessions are often at a place of convenience, depending on weather and equipment needed during the particular session. For me, it has been in my living room and the fitness corner beneath my flat. Coach Jake ensures that each session is

conducive. Music is a perk where he blasts songs to keep the adrenaline pumping! If you’re lucky, he gets downs and sweaty, and works-out alongside you! While it’s a great gesture of encouragement, it also means you can’t give up but give your best as he pushes you on. Within a month and a half of training with Jake, I have found myself stronger and developed a better form when dealing with kettlebells and executing other exercises. I lost approximately 10KG, saw visible changes in my body, built muscle, strengthened my core, lost 4” in my waistline and felt energetic and alert. These physical changes were inspiration enough to keep fit and maintain proper meal portions.

The training program shifts when other goals come into play. For instance – IPPT. He customized a program, preparing me to take my IPPT and attain a Gold award. He would plan each session meticulously and prepare me well such that I was confident enough to take the test. Needless to say, I cleared my IPPT with a Gold award and superseded my personal-best ever!

Most recently I signed up for the SPARTAN SPRINT 2018. Coach Jake was confident that I would be able to clear it without much difficulty, given the intensity of our regular training regime. It was apparent that his training program had been effective when I found myself breezing through the obstacles, climbing up flights of stairs and carrying heavy weights from point to point! Even the notorious burpee penalty wasn’t too much of a killer!

Coach Jake has definitely been a game changer in my fitness journey and I’m so thrilled to have had this opportunity to train with him. I have been a fat kid, teen and even as an adult, I struggled with poor self-image because of my overweight physique. Losing weight, packing on muscle and becoming stronger has definitely boosted my confidence

level and I’m constantly looking forward to the changes in my body, strength and stamina.

More importantly, this lifestyle change has had a positive impact on my health. Coming from a Family’s history of diabetes, and other heart diseases, fitness and exercising becomes extremely vital in avoiding these potential health jeopardizes. The change is definitely no easy task. It takes willpower and determination. It’s a challenge to push oneself beyond your comfort zone, we each have our own weaknesses and shortfalls. Coach Jake was an option that I took because I needed help to push past my plateau.

I have been training with Coach Jake for 5 months already and not once have I regretted my decision. Photos will testify of the positive changes over the past few months, all thanks to Coach Jake. If you need someone to get you started, or journey with you to achieve your fitness goals, don’t hesitate! Take it from me, tried and tested, no pills, no gimmicks, all natural! And results guaranteed. (Of course, you too will have to put it that added effort!)

Thank you, Coach Jake for partnering and journeying with me. #bestcoachever


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