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Coach Jake Personal Trainer Coach Singapore

Testimonial by Jake’s Student: Daphne

I found myself falling ill almost every other week which finally landed me in hospital and on medical leave for a month. What’s worse was I turned to comfort food to help me manage the grief. The food was comforting but did not do good for my waistline. I started gaining lots of weight. Tried to diet and exercise but it never amounts to anything much.

My brother on the other hand started to engage the services of a coach to help him deal with his weight management here and get Jake and I could see Drastic improvements in his physical health and stamina. Part of me wanted to also have that kind of guidance in my physical health but the most part of me was afraid and embarrassed to even ask someone to help me with my weight issues.

My brother got fitter while I, on the other hand, probably put on the weight that he lost! Finally, my brother asked if I would like to engage Jake. I was apprehensive but after much encouragement from my brother he signed me up for 10 sessions. My first session with Jake was very assuring comforting, nothing like what I had dreaded. He was very assuring and spoke with me regarding my goals. Basically, I had two reasons to start this program. One was obviously to be healthier, the other was to lose weight for an important photo shoot.

From my interactions with Jake over the past 5 months, I have known him to be very patient and encouraging. He would also work around my busy schedule to arrange training sessions each week. Jake always avails himself after the sessions for any queries. He would even video himself doing an exercise as a demonstration for the homework given. Speaking of homework, Jake always would follow up each day with me, to check on how I am progressing or feeling. That made me feel that he was genuine and committed to my progress as a coach.

Jake help me set achievable goals for each session. I would feel stronger by the day. In fact, when I first started, I was not able to do more than 2 sit-ups without assistance and definitely not a standard push up but after two to three months of training, I was able to do 20 sit ups unassisted and 6 standard push-ups! I was also able to do cleans and presses with the 8 & 12kg kettlebells! I was also able to run my first 8km, EVER!

Over the months, I not only lost weight but I have noticed that I have become stronger and healthier as well. I do not fall ill as easily as I used to and of course, I was able to look nice in my photo shoots!

I am still training with Jake.

I am very grateful to Jake for his dedication in me as a student.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who would like to embark on being a healthier and fitter person. You will enjoy the journey with Jake!

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