Success Stories: Daphne breezes 21km runs without fatigue

This is Daphne’s testimonial. Thank you for sharing!

Jake and I got acquainted about a year ago, through a big Spartan community workout. He was friendly and approachable, always willing to share his views and expertise when we approach him for advices.

Every training session with him was surely tough, yet has been nothing short of amazing and fun. With the weekly training session, he was fast to analyze my strength and weakness and gave me personal goals even though we were in a group training. He was constantly challenging my limits, pushing me a little harder.

Under his coaching, I could see tremendous improvement in my weakness, cardio endurance and upper body strength. Now I could handle a couple of push up while maintaining good form, a task which seemed impossible months back, as well as breezing through a 21km run with good pacing, without feeling fatigue.

Jake also emphasizes on performing every rep with correct form in order to reap the most benefits out of the workout and also to minimize the injuries that could occur.

I had recently started rock climbing with Jake, who is a certified coach and a season climber.

A young man full of passion for fitness and a role model who inspires me a lot. Jake is certainly a coach whom I hope that I can always train with.


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