Success Stories: Constance Chan, lost 36kg in 9months

Testimonial from Nanfeng’s student: Constance Chan

The Power of Choice, Coach and Change

Coach Nan Feng is the core factor of my change in the last few months.

In 9 months, I had achieved a weight reduction of 36 kg, the doctor took off the hypertension medicine I had taken daily for the past 10 years and declared that I didn’t need to start on diabetic medicines. I can finally walk without knee pains which troubled me for 20 years.

Coach Nan Feng helped me to work towards my health goals. She provided me with the knowledge, skills and consistent supervision to facilitate the movement towards health. In a gentle and firm way, she worked with me twice a week, coaching me in body movements.

At first I started out with enthusiasm. Then came the familiar road blocks of laziness, mental battles of ” giving up” and “I am not good enough”. I made detours and had multiple excuses to “take a break”.
Coach Nan Feng calmly work with me through these multiple resistance, constantly encouraging with words of affirmation such as “come on” ,”keep it there” and ” higher”.
Simple words spoken at the right time held me in the hope and stability that I needed to keep going.

Coach Nan Feng is consistent support as she turned up all the time for coaching sessions , rain or shine, on time, every time. She believed with me that it is possible to achieve the health goals moment by moment, movement by movement, session by session.

It is through the perseverance of Coach Nan Feng working with me that I now reap the benefits of a healthier me. Nan Feng has become a friend who made the health journey enjoyable, doable and possible. Her innovative and creative movements felt like a dance of life with tempo, rhythm and pauses. The mindful moments of stretching brought clarity of what needed attention. Give yourself a chance, to choose health and engage coach Nan Feng to facilitate the movement towards your health goals. You have power of the choice, the coach and the change.

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