Success Stories: Christina Lee – Mean and Lean

Coach Jake Personal Trainer Coach Singapore

A testimonial from Jake’s student: Christina Lee


My colleague who knew I wanted to have a stronger strength to clear the obstacles in Spartan race recommended me to Coach Jake.

My first session with Coach Jake was on 9 April 2017. Coach Jake assessed my fitness level and was able
to provide me with an efficient workout and daily homework.  Amazingly, after 2 sessions with him, I am able to clear the rope climb. It was unbelievable as I have been hanging on the rope like a ‘koala’ and unable to move further since August 2016.

During my sprint n super Spartan race on 6 May 2017, I am able to clear rope climb, 8-inch wall and blender. In addition, that was like only 5 sessions I had with Coach Jake. Coach Jake can analyse his clients’ learning style to better impart his knowledge. Personally, I am a visual learner and required constant reminder when executing out the workout. He had never failed to repeat and repeat the techniques to me until I can master it.

Coach Jake will customize his program to suit his clients, knowing that clients engaging him came in all walks of life. Coach Jake is able to understand his clients’ profiles in order to be an effective coach.

There were a few occasions when I was demoralized with my own performance. One of it was when I stopped training for a while, (due to my personal trekking trip), my performance dropped from where I started. I was very demoralised. I did not say anything yet he was able to detect it and encouraged me. In order to look leaner and have firmer muscles, after discussing with Coach Jake, I decided to take up Coach Jake personalised program. I have gotten my result after just 5 days.

I was very satisfied with the result, in fact, I must say it was above my expectation. Coach Jake is an efficient and effective coach who can deliver results provided you are willing to work together with him. He is able to transform you and assist you to achieve your personal goal.

Christina Lee

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