Success Stories: Brendon Fernandez

Testimonial from Jake’s Student: Brendon Fernandez


I started working with Coach Jake in Oct 2018. My goals were to reduce body fat, gain muscle, and to develop an exercise and nutrition plan that was sustainable in the long run. After assessing my fitness level in my first session, Jake added flexibility and stamina as important areas of focus in order to achieve what I wanted. As of June 2019 – 8 months later – Coach Jake has helped me achieve everything I set out to in terms of body fat reduction and muscle gain. I have made progress in flexibility and stamina, and feel confident that the workout and nutrition plan crafted for me by Coach Jake is something I can sustain for the long haul.

What I find really useful is that I learn something new at every session with Coach Jake. He was able to correct my form, even in exercises I thought I knew well, like pushups and pull-ups. He identified weaknesses that were barriers to progress and targeted them specifically. I learned (and am still learning) how to incorporate kettlebells in my routine. Perhaps the biggest surprise during one of our sessions was realising I could do 1-arm pushups – a new first for me, at 39 years old. Given that we weren’t working towards this specifically, I think this says a lot about the overall strength and physical conditioning that this program has brought.

Best of all, Coach Jake is unfailingly friendly, positive, and non-judgemental. He never shames you for falling short of expectations – yours or his. He is patient, encouraging, and on your side. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

-Brendon Fernandez

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