Success Stories: Alvin Ng – A Doctor that advises by example

Testimonial by Jake’s Student: Alvin Ng

I have never been able to lose weight and always feel tired. I have tried jogging and dieting but managed to achieve very little. I was convinced to sign up with Jake by my buddy who’s a surgeon. I wanted to lose weight, feel stronger and live longer! As I am a practising medical doctor, I have to be an example for my patients too.

Initially, it was a great struggle with Jake with twice per week sessions. I have never been able to do push-ups and struggle for breath even with my warm-up routines! In essence, I have been out-of-shape throughout my life.

Jake is amazing as he assesses your ability and caters the work-out routines according to your ability and your goals. He is patient and quietly encouraging. He’s always reachable over the phone via Whatsapp if you run into trouble with your homework (Yes, there is definitely exercise homework!!) Jake has been very methodical, careful and encouraging the whole time. I have even changed my lifestyle including my diet since I started the program with Jake.

It has now been four months since I started with Jake. I have lost 5kg and my waist size has reduced from 42 inches to 38 inches! I am more flexible and able to manoeuvre tight corners at the

indoor playground with my kids. I can do my push-ups (slowly….) and proper sit-ups. I can run 5km on the treadmill without stopping for a break. Essentially, I have not only become leaner but now able to use the right muscle groups (especially my core muscles) for activities that I found hard in the past. In many ways, I have been struggling with my daily activities which I didn’t even realise until I started my program with Jake.

If you have Jake with you, he will surely help you achieve your goals!!!

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