Success Stories – Adi : Limping a year from ACL tear to being fit

Jake’s Student – Aditya

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About a year before, I had torn my ACL in an accident and had a surgery to fix it. Since the operation, I did physiotherapy to regain some level of strength in my legs but was largely ignoring it for one reason or another.

In March 2020, my wife signed me up for lessons with Jake as my birthday gift and I reluctantly agreed to take up an introductory session. In the first session, Jake had me do some simple exercises for assessment which made me realised how unfit I was. I had lost most of my movements & flexibility over the year since the operation.

I had a passion for running and when I lost that due to the ACL surgery, I was both mentally and physically lethargic. The session with Jake was a wake-up call. It has been now seven months since I am training with Jake, and I now am able to run a distance of 10KM at a pace faster than I ever ran before and the strength in my legs were stronger than it was before.
Jake is a wonderful coach. He is calm, methodical, very articulate in what he wants to tell you and how to tell you; just enough to spark the interest and motivation to go that extra mile that you thought you couldn’t. He is very knowledgeable about the science of fitness & nutrition; he put me on a meal plan which I thought was impossible to sustain and here I am, three months later and lost over 6 Kgs. He is an accomplished athlete himself and understands what it takes to drive your body harder yet recognising the limits of each individual. The mindset I had in my first lesson to where I am today; I attribute it all to him for his patience and his determined mind to help me recover and achieve my goal of running long distances.
I am fortunate to have met a coach like him and will highly recommend him as a personal trainer and a holistic coach who cares not only about your physical fitness but also about your mental and psychological well-being.

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