Siti K: I am still ME but a better version of who I am

Before I met Nan Feng, it was always a “try and fail” kind of fitness journey for me. I was experimenting with different methods which I learnt online with regards to dieting and exercising. However, there were much frustrations because somehow, they did not work and that would cause me to give up. Thereafter, I would go back to my old habit of eating as and when I wanted and only exercising once in a while. This would in turn lead to a rebound of my weight.

Being on a fitness journey where I was in charge of myself, was really tough for me. There was no one to guide me, I did not have the discipline for it and I felt that I was too lenient with myself. All these made it impossible for my weightloss to be a success.

The wake up call for me was when I felt that I was getting heavier and heavier, to a point where it affected my agility and stamina at work as an actor and I was not able to perform at the top of my game. That was when I made the decision to approach Nan Feng before I get any worse in terms of my health and my weight condition.

The reason why I decided to work with Nan Feng was because I wanted a coach who is of the same gender, who understands my concerns and insecurities. With Nan Feng, as she is non-judgmental, I felt safe as we went on this journey together

Nevertheless, I do have some concerns and internal struggles when I first started working with Nan Feng. Cost was a factor. Self imposed thoughts such as, “Can I do this? Can I handle her workouts? Will it work this time round? Will I have the discipline?” were presenting itself as doubts. However, I knew that deep down inside, I really wanted this. Therefore, I decided to commit to it and I was more excited to begin this journey rather than afraid.

Moreover, the thought of having to embark on a new diet was what scares me as I enjoy eating good food and I sometimes use them as a form of reward for myself. Yet I knew this was something I had to do and I am really glad I did it because I did see the results of being on this diet, on top of the workouts that we did together.

Throughout this journey with Nan Feng, I felt lighter, my body felt cleaner and it was a positive experience as my energy levels improved and I started seeing results for myself. Physically, my body has transformed. I lost 15kg and it was visibly noticeable by people around me. I am fitter, I feel stronger, and I am more confident to do what I need to do whenever I step into the gym, without having to worry about the judgement of others. More importantly, I still feel like I am ME but a better version of who I am.

After working with Nan Feng for 6 months, I have learnt to include this new diet as part of my lifestyle. The way I am eating now has become a daily routine that I am used to and whenever I have the choice, I would opt for the food with a healthier option. Besides that, working out 2-3 times a week has become ingrained in my routine that I actually want to and look forward to doing them. If I do not do them, I actually feel weird.

This drastic change in my lifestyle coupled with the discipline to set aside time to do things which I know will be good for me –  All these changes and actions are definitely not what I would have done previously. Hence, I am very glad for this change as it is sustainable and it is not an obligation, but a choice of mine.

With that being said, I know there will be days where it will be tough especially from here onwards where I am going to try to sustain this weightloss, diet and exercise on my own. However, the fact that I still want to maintain all these, it already says a lot for me.

If you are thinking of engaging Nan Feng, I will be honest with you. She is very strict but it will be good for you! This is what I like about working with her. We know each other, we are friends but when it comes to working out, she is my coach. I need to listen to her because I know it will benefit me and I value the strictness and the respect we have for each other, as coach and student. 

-Siti K (Actor)

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