Sedentary with Scoliosis and Knee pain

Joanne Chong – Jake’s student

I have mild scoliosis too and was at a weight of 64kg.

Training started in June 2021 and so did the personalized diet program. He made it manageable though.

My weight loss was steady and gradual and by March 2022, I was weighing 51kg and experiencing minimal effects of scoliosis.

When I first met Jake, I was in the least fit state I had ever been due to the negligence of my personal well-being, both physical and mental. When asked about what I wanted to achieve, I thought hard and replied strength.

While I have definitely gotten stronger in physical strength, the training process has also tested and pushed my boundaries mentally – the evenings when I was so drained and yet had to drag myself onto the exercise mat or jump hard for another burpee.

The training with Jake has imparted to me the knowledge of how to exercise properly and the importance of managing exercise amidst a busy schedule.

Being Consistent is Key

That is the message that Jake has brought into my life.

Thanks, Jake.

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