Renu Mohan: Belittled to Empowered in 3.5 months!

I was first introduced to Nan Feng in April this year when my team leader invited her to have a conversation with us. At that point in time, I was just coming out of a toxic relationship where I was told to have smaller dreams. Hence, I was often ridiculed whenever I spoke of my big dreams and goals. Initially, I thought that having small goals and dreams was the right way to manage the expectations I have of myself. However, my desire for a bigger dream and the need to manage my expectations created conflicts within me. I was experiencing a lot of internal struggles such as frustrations and guilt as I was unable to stay true to myself.

These internal conflicts went on until I met Nan Feng and I am glad to have the opportunity to work with her as that allowed me to hit my reset button. In the beginning, I had my reservations with regards to sharing my feelings and reflections to the class but Nan Feng created a safe space for me to express my views objectively without any form of judgement from others. With that, I enjoyed myself thoroughly during the sessions.

During this 3.5 months Journey with Nan Feng, I have learnt to implement all my good habits once again. Habits such as sleeping early and eating clean were supposedly good for me. However, I gave up these healthy habits previously because when I wanted to please my friends who were not supportive of it.

Today, I have learned to set clear boundaries for myself and I am willing to let go of friends and clients who treats me less than I deserve. Moreover, I have also learned to treat myself with respect and care. This allows me to hit 90% of my weight loss goals in just 3.5 months.

Because I love myself, and I know what it means to be responsible for my life, I have control over my diet and exercise plans. I am so proud of myself that I am able stop at one piece of chocolate if I really needed one! This has become an effective habit for me and I no longer experience any guilt when consuming food I enjoy.

Thirdly, my work performance has improved tremendously during this period as I have been diligently applying the skills that Nan Feng has taught us during the sessions. Hence, I was able to set in place a system that works for me. Additionally, I have learnt to be accountable to the people around me. This was something Nan Feng set in place right from the start and it helped to strengthen my support system at work. By knowing that I have a team working alongside me, it drives and motivates me to work harder.

Though our journey as a group with Nan Feng has come to an end, I honestly believe that I have more to learn. With that, I am looking forward to the personal coaching sessions I have with her!

An advice for those who wants to engage Nan Feng as your personal coach, Just Do It. Nan Feng will be able to help you so long as you are willing to help yourself. Start only when you are ready to put in the hard work for yourself. In this journey with her, it takes 2 hands to clap. She can take you on a ride to discover more about yourself, to increase your self-awareness and to empower you to move forward but she is not You. At the end of the day, You need to do the work.  You need to write down notes, do a lot practices then you will see the outcome that you want. Change is in Your Hands.


– Renu Mohan, financial consultant representing Great Eastern Financial Advisors

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