Renu: How Life Coaching helped improve my work performance

Throughout my sessions with Nan Feng, I have learned many layers to my own struggles. Firstly, I discovered that I am not as confident as I thought I was and It was because I have tricked myself into adopting a lot of behaviours from those who were more confident. Thus, I’ve got a thicker shell. This discovery is important as it opened up avenues for me to deal with my deep inner struggles.

Now, I have learned to sit, pause and respond instead of react to situations and people. I have learnt how to plan ahead and maintain my cool when things don’t go by my plan. (I must say this is still a work in progress for it to become a habit). I am also able to reflect on my own at a deeper level! Previously, I could not do this due to the negative experiences from my childhood which I was trying to avoid.

There were many struggles I had on a subconscious and conscious level. In my session with Nan feng, I managed to handle those at the subconscious level versus suppress it like what I had been doing previously. After we dealt with those at the subconscious level, I was better able to manage my struggles at a conscious level because now, I can CHOOSE to make a decision, rather than let my past CONTROL my present situation !

To name a few issues that we have uncovered and dealt with during our sessions:

1.  My childhood and how affects my thoughts, actions and beliefs today

2. My relationship struggles – how it stems from my beliefs then affected my actions and decisions today

3. Work Performance struggles – What exactly is stopping me from achieving my goals and how to work around it to move forward.

Since then, I have learnt how to handle my struggles a lot better and I have learnt to re-divert my energy and attention towards productivity and improvements.

From my experience, this is my advice: If you are struggling, STOP and seek help. To move forward is better than staying stagnant. With Nan Feng’s expertise, She is ideal for YOU if you are going through challenges with regards with work performance! Life coaching is made for everyone and you should not wait till you are in deep trouble before embarking on this journey!

Bottomline: Choose a good coach whom you can connect to and commit to the process. Homework/practice/new habits should be done regularly. Always keep an open mind. Do not fool yourself to improvements just to speed the process up. Recovery takes time. All the best!

-Renu, Financial Consultant

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