R: Reversing Health in my late 50s!

I would like to remain anonymous, but would like to give a testimonial to Nan Feng because she and her Personal Training sessions have been life-changing for me.

I am a home-maker and have been caring for my family for 13 years. During those fulfilling years, I have forgotten to take care of myself physically and gained weight. My weight gain has resulted in encumbrances in physical activities like playing badminton and even brisk walking.

I knew I was being hampered by my weight and had to do something about it. I chose Personal Training with Nan Feng because I am more inclined to do it naturally, as opposed to quick and invasive methods. Hence, I did not expect to lose my weight and get healthy very quickly. Besides, I have always, from time to time, been on low-carb diet without much sustained success.

Nan Feng customised my Personal Training sessions and revamped my daily diet. Through her program, my body first went through detoxification. With further Personal Training sessions and diet change, my body became healthier and I was losing weight faster than I could imagine. After 3 months of religiously following her programme, I lost 15Kg (bringing my weight down to 58Kg) and am very much fitter and stronger. I could play badminton, golf and sailing without feeling the aches. I could run without any pain in my heel and knees. Also, the ache in my back went away with the training. Thereafter, I even lost weight at the right places too, reducing my clothes sizes from XXL to M/S!

If you are someone who would like to get healthier, lose weight and improve your diet, I would recommend Personal Training sessions with Nan Feng!

-R: Homemaker

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