Quan: “I needed a fitness & Life Coach”

Covid was terrible for me: I was retrenched without pay-out, I gained nearly 10kg, and I started increasingly disconnect from my closest people, even if they were physically near me.

I engaged Nan Feng as both a fitness as well as a life coach. I was on a self-improvement journey to better myself holistically: to feel fit, to feel well, and to feel happy.

I knew life coaching was an important component of a happy life. I used to work with CEOs who would all have their personal executive coaches. But, I was a bit hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure a person can both be a good fitness as well as a good life coach.

I obviously FBI-ed Nan Feng background beforehand and saw that she has solid credentials as a fitness coach, but few on the psychological side of things.

But I was proven wrong, in the end, 75% of our sessions together were life coaching. Nan Feng was very good at helping me identify the core issues of a complex problem, structuring it down into bullet points, and helping me formulate an action plan.

I remembered leaving each session feeling calmer, clearer, and stronger. I am now 10kg lighter, happier, reaching out and reconnecting with old friends, and I have to attribute a large part of that to Nan Feng’s help.

If you are struggling in life like I once was, I just want to leave you with my favorite song lyrics “It’s just a bad day, not a bad life”, as long as you work on yourself, and life coaching with Nan Feng could just be that something.

– Quan

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