Priya: Feeling 36 to 26 years old!

Slightly over 1.5 years ago, I relocated to Singapore in order to fulfill my work commitments. Re-locating  to a new country during the Pandemic had taken a toll on my eating and sleeping routine. Followed by an ankle fracture, I felt like my body was of a 35 year old. In reality, I was 10 years younger yet I was always sleepy and tired. While I worked from home, I was constantly snacking and it did not help that my physical activities were restricted within the 4 walls of my room where I was worked, ate and slept.

For someone who was not a homebody pre-COVID, I felt that all these were hampering who I was mentally.

A week after my 26th birthday, I realised I was using the pandemic as an excuse for myself. I wanted a change. I needed to step up and try to create a healthier routine for myself to end the lethargic life I was living. I was looking for someone who will help me with my discipline – To be accountable for how much I ate and when I eat, to know what activities to do to stay active, and to have someone watch over me and ensure that I was on the right track.

As I look back on my fitness journey with Nan Feng, I could see that I have certainly overcame emotional eating and mindless snacking. This was because healthy eating as become part of my lifestyle. I’m now better at making wise food choices and I am able to continue intermittent fasting. Moreover, I look forward to my workouts everyday, which was not the case a few months back.

I have been able to overcome my late night binge watching addiction, to sleep early and also wake up early. I have leant to control my eating portion size and enjoy the greens without any regrets of missing out on junk food. Workouts no longer feel like a burden and have become a part of my routine. Together with taking 2-3 off days from working out each week, all these have helped me to maintain a balance healthy lifestyle.

Nan Feng takes her time to truly understand what are the needs of her students. What you can do for yourself is to be open and honest with her, to communicate clearly what is it that you are looking to achieve out of this journey with her. Also, know that she is going to push you hard but it will only make you better. Often, you would be surprised to see what happens when you get out of your comfort zone and achieve new targets, regardless of how small they are.

For me, being able to jog at a decent pace without having to pause every 20secs was an achievement.  Looking back I could not have overcome that mental block that I had for myself without her coaching.

– Priya, banking Sector, Assistant Vice President at Goldman Sachs.

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