Peiyi: Procrastination to Effective Habit!

Having started out as the classic couch potato, I sincerely appreciate Nan Feng’s patience to slowly guide me with baby steps so that I do not hate working out. Previously, I led a pretty sedentary lifestyle with occasional exceptions where I tried to work out on my own by watching Youtube videos and going for a jog. However, I did not have the discipline to keep up these good habits, neither did I know which areas I should be working on first.

When I first approached Nan Feng, I was very worried that I will not be able to handle the first trial session. Also, it sounded really intimidating when she mentioned about having to workout up to 6days a week because I did not think I will be able to fulfill that amount of workout frequency. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try.

Through the last 6 months of training with Nan Feng, I saw tremendous improvements in my strength. I went from not being able to do a standard sit up to being able to do various core exercises with good form. Currently, I am able to do straight leg bench dips, burpees, squat jumps, and pull ups with the help of a resistance band. Many of these exercises were seemingly impossible to execute before I engage Nan Feng.

Moreover, my flexibility also improved significantly. Prior to this, I did not know that flexibility is part of what contributes to my overall health and wellness. Overall, I felt that my fitness has improved holistically since I have started working with Nan Feng and I am also making wiser choices in terms of my diet.


Despite everything I have learnt and accomplished, my greatest challenge is still the procrastination towards exercise. It’s has and always been the last thing on my to do list. However, now that I have been working out 3-4 times a week consistently for half a year, I will keep up this new routine for the rest of my life as I do not want to lose the momentum I have built so far.

Additionally, Nan Feng’s positive outlook of life is influential to me. It is always a joy to speak to her, even though the workout sessions were tough. All in all, definitely a 5star review for her coaching!


For those of you considering to engage Nan Feng, just Go for it! It was one of the best decision I have made for myself thus far. Many times, we fail to achieve our fitness goals due to the lack of knowledge, discipline and most importantly, accountability. Having Nan Feng constantly hot on my heels, checking in with me almost every other day to see if I have completed my work out, made me feel obligated to do my workout, as I did not want to look like a hopeless bum to her. (Kind of funny I know. 😅)

– Peiyi, insurance/finance industry

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