Kathleen – Many years of knee pain restricting her to exercise

I started my fitness journey with Coach Jake in April 2021 at 57.6kg. in 3months, July 2021, my weight is now 48kg.

Prior to our engagement, I led a sedentary lifestyle. Being in a family of food enthusiasts, our weekends are filled with endless food hunts. I piled on the weight unknowingly over the years. And a painful, dysfunctional knee is not helping with my intention to start exercising.

Coach Jake focused on the knee injury I sustained due to a ski trip a few years ago. It restricted me from exercising to lose weight and get healthy. In the beginning, I could only go down the stairs sideways and I could not bend my knees too much. Within 3 months of therapy and strengthening, my knee obtained its functionality back and is pain-free!

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