Fitness and Values Education with Home-schoolers – 1 Year Program

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In 2018, a parent of the Home-school kids community approached me to do a Weekly Physical Education lesson for their child as Home-schoolers are not exposed to such activities. Every week, these students will come for a 2.5 hours lesson and the focus is to build their fitness and more importantly, their character.

We started in January 2018, with the 1st 3 months focusing on simple games and basic fitness. The aim was to strengthen their cardiovascular system and to teach them values. Every lesson was centered around the values that were being taught and every activity has its purpose. These values are Respect (Punctuality, No Name calling, No Vulgarities) , Integrity, Humility, Teamwork, Attitude (Positivity, 100% Effort, Enthusiasm) , Gratitude, Resilience (Do not give up), Sensitivity and Responsibility (being accountable and taking initiative).

At the Beginning, it was a challenge as physical activity and taking instructions in a group lesson was new to them. They are all individuals of different ages from 9-15 years old  who come for lessons not knowing what to expect, how to work with one another and how to work with me.

The 1st 3 months was the crucial period, it was the period where I had to get all of them together, gain their respect and trust, set rules and boundaries, make activities fun and engaging and more importantly, instill the values strongly in each and every activity. Along the way, we see these kids becoming stronger and more respectful yet there is a small number of them who will decide to quit after a session or 2 because of the weather and the activities. However, my stand still holds firm because the aim was to help them to grow and develop to become better people and not for me to cave in to their needs, just let them have fun and go home.

With that being said, those who have stayed on for a year, have grown tremendously in terms of character, physical abilities and mental capabilities.

Basic fitness such as bodyweight exercises, badminton, kayaking, rock climbing and team games are the activities they were exposed to in just a year. This quick changing phases teaches them to learn fast, think on their feet and adapt. After the 1st 3 month, coaching these kids became a breeze as they understood what is required of them, they learn to respect one another and work with each other and more importantly, readily participate in any activity that was asked of them even if it was something they are not very good in or something they disliked or are fearful of.

Start exposing your little ones to more activities now so that they will be more functional as they grow older!

Head down for some testimonials by our home-schoolers.

Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student: Faith, 15 yrs old 

From ZERO to 10 PULL UPS 

Coach Nanfeng, kayak, fitness, values, personal trainer, fitness coach, development,kids, kayaking, kiak, homeschool , sports, PE, values, education
Training for her 1st Pull up(:

During these 8 months of fitness training, I have picked up new skills such as learning to work as a team with other kids during training such as, when one of us was late, since we are a team, we would do burpees as a punishment so we will learn the importance of being punctual and refrain from being late so we do not not have to make our friends do burpees because of us. We’ve learn that our sports is not just about ourselves, so we should not be so full of ourselves. Instead, amidst of our training we should look out for one another and be responsible for our actions, and equipment especially during kayaking.

Through the sports, I have also learnt to Persevere despite how tired I am from the workouts and kayaking. This change in attitude has improved my endurance and determination. The sports we did were kayaking, running and cardio at stadium.
The values I’ve learnt such as teamwork, punctuality, responsibility and perseverance have helped me not only in sports but in studies and my daily-life. For example, when attending classes or meetings I’ve committed to, I would always be early or on time to respect other’s time so I won’t waste someone else’s time. Also, I have become more responsible with my studies and more independent so that my parents would not have to worry for me.
During taekwondo, being resilient has helped me train harder and improve my sparring skills and strength. Being determined in my studies has helped me a lot, allowing me to press on even when additional mathematics or chemistry is hard to understand and challenging.
All in all, these values learnt have made me grow mentally stronger and more considerate to other. Not only does my physical fitness improve but my mindset toward all other things has changed, I am no longer be lazy or unmotivated and definitely will not give up easily. Now I would look out for others more and learn to cooperate with other people instead of being full of myself.

Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student: Tivoli, 10 yrs old 

The little girl who went from the being most mischievous to the one who takes instruction, leads and ultimately  becomes the 1st in class to send in her reflection 

Coach Nanfeng, kayak, fitness, values, personal trainer, fitness coach, development,kids, kayaking, kiak, homeschool , sports, PE, values, education

Coach Nanfeng, these are the skills I have picked up from you:

* How to exercise properly ( even though I still do not like exercising)

* How to kayak (I really do not like kayaking especially that I have to shower after that)

* How to hold a pedal for kayaking (I still kind of got blisters after each session)

* How to hold a badminton racket (I like badminton a lot)

* How to rock climb with proper position although I still sometimes get it wrong

Sports I have learnt:

* Kayaking

* Ultimate frisbee

* Badminton

* Rock climbing

How the values helped me:

* Respect, sensitivity and humility

I learned to be punctual, sensitive, not call people names, that some people are sensitive to rough remarks, and that people do not like to be with proud people and so I have more friends

* Attitude

I learned to have good attitude and give my best and so I get things done more quickly and better.

* Teamwork

I learned to let others have a try and not do everything myself, and so I get to do things more quickly because some people have a talent in doing things that I let them do.

* Integrity

I learned to be honest and tell the truth and so I was trusted more to do things by myself.

* Responsibility & initiative

I learned to be responsible and initiative to do what I need to do quickly

* Gratitude

I learned to be grateful and so people are more willing to help me in the future.

How I have grown mentally:

* Now I do not give up easily

* I persevere more now

* Now I respect others more

* I do my best now

* Now I am attentive to respect others

* I am now more grateful

* I am now more humble

* I have more initiative and responsibility now

* I am now sensitive to other’s feelings

* I am less late for classes now

How I have grown physically:

* I am now stronger

* I can kayak faster now

* I can rock climb higher now

* I can now run faster

* I can run longer distances now

* I can now throw a frisbee with more strength

* I can now badminton with proper hand grip

* I can now rock climb with proper position


Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student: Sarah Ho, 9 yrs old 

Our little energizer in class!

Coach Nanfeng, kayak, fitness, values, personal trainer, fitness coach, development,kids, kayaking, kiak, homeschool , sports, PE, values, education

I have learnt many different things when I attended sports lesson with Coach Nanfeng. For example, I’ve learnt to write my first reflection and to reflect on every single training I have. I have learnt how to do many different exercises like burpees, high knee and lots of other interesting exercises. I also learnt how to play sports properly. I learnt how to hold my badminton racket properly and I also learnt the different ways of hitting the shuttle-cork.

Rock-climbing is my favorite activity, I like climbing the high walls because I like the feeling when I come down it is like I am floating down. I learnt some of the different types of handles like a crimp which is very small, the jug and in my opinion is the easiest to climb (it is shaped like a jug), the slope it is like a slope so it is hard to climb because it is sloping down, and there are many others but I forgot what they are called. I think the boulder wall is the hardest wall because you have to support all your weight, there is a special way of fall down from the boulder wall, you must fall on your feet and roll on your back as to not get injured. It helps if you are closer to the wall.

I have learnt two sports, badminton and rock climbing as I’ve joined in a little later than the rest.

The things I have learnt has helped me in many ways like when I play with my dad badminton the different was of holding the racket has helped me hit harder and better. I don’t do rock climbing so I have nothing to write about. I thing I have improved by the way I hold my badminton racket I am getting used to the way to hold it because I used to hold it the wrong way, but now I hold it the correct way. In rock-climbing I think I can climb more wall and higher up the wall in the same space of time

I did this reflection myself!

Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student: Le En, 11 yrs old

Feeling good through exercise and learning to appreciate a healthier lifestyle 

Coach Nanfeng, kayak, fitness, values, personal trainer, fitness coach, development,kids, kayaking, kiak, homeschool , sports, PE, values, education

Through the many sports I participated in such as kayaking, badminton, rock climbing, frisbee and the cardio workouts, I learnt many useful skills. I learnt the proper way to climb a rock wall, paddle properly, throw a frisbee better and many other exercises such as burpees, mountain climber and how to do a monkey run.

The values that were incorporated into the exercises we did helped in my schoolwork and daily life immensely. The values we learnt were respect, integrity, attitude, humility, responsibility, teamwork, initiative, sensitivity, and gratitude. Integrity and responsibility helped me to complete my schoolwork without cheating or wasting my time. Gratitude, respect and humility allowed me to be a good child and be respectful to others and not boast. Such as thanking and helping other people and adults who need help. Attitude, teamwork, sensitivity, and initiative was extremely useful in group projects because to finish the project effectively, the group needs to be helpful to each other.

This 10 month journey has many ups and downs but I enjoyed the experience nonetheless. It was fun at times and painful sometimes but overall I have grown a lot, physically and mentally. First, I felt like I was getting more active and actually enjoying exercise. Before I started this classes with Coach Nanfeng, I was extremely unfit and had no motivation to exercise. But this class was not only fun, but full of exercises that helped me to feel better and lose some weight. I feel like my stamina and strength has grown through the training. I also grown more strong mentally because many of the exercises are tiring and I also have to remind myself not to give up mentally as well as physically.

Overall, I think that this training that Coach Nanfeng has given me and our group of friends has encouraged me to exercise more, and to be more motivated to exercise

Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student: Francisca, 9 years old 

Coach Nanfeng, kayak, fitness, values, personal trainer, fitness coach, development,kids, kayaking, kiak, homeschool , sports, PE, values, education

Coach Nan Feng, these are the skills I have learnt:

knowing how to throw a frisbee properly, ways to hold a badminton racket and when to use the way, how to kayak, how to carry a kayak boat, how to rock climb, how to fall when bouldering and when doing the high wall and how to exercise properly.

Sports I have learnt:

how to play frisbee, how to kayak, how to play badminton the correct way and how to rock climb.

Values that I have learnt:

– Respect (I learnt to respect and listen to the person when he/she is talking and I also learnt to be punctual and I also learned to respect the person’s name and not call them nicknames if they don’t want).

– Attitude (I learnt to always give one hundred percent when doing something and I also learnt to have good attitude all the time and I also learnt to be attentive to others).

– Teamwork (I learnt to have teamwork when doing things that is in a team).

– Integrity (I learnt to always tell the truth even though when nobody is looking and even though I don’t like doing it).

– Responsibility (I learnt to be responsible when doing everything, like when kayaking I will have to bring back the boats back to the place where we got the boats from).

– Sensitivity (I learnt that I will have to be aware of other people, I have to be sensitive to people that are sensitive).

– Gratitude (I learnt to be thankful to others when they do something for me).

– humility (I learnt to be humble when someone praise me).

How I have grown mentally and physically:

I have grown mentally by, now I am more responsible for the things I used, now I also give one hundred percent to most of the things I do, now I also have teamwork to know that even when I am better in doing something while others are not I will do it still in a team, now I have more integrity to do the things which someone tells me to do even though they are not looking, now I also am more punctual when there is a time to meet, now I also am more thankful if other help me.

I have grown physically by, now I know how to rock climb, boulder(how to fall), now I also know how to throw a frisbee the correct way and how to throw it stronger, now I am also stronger, now I can also kayak faster and not capsize, now I also know how to play badminton the correct way which can make my arms stronger.

Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student: Ryan Ho, 11 years old 

Coach Nanfeng, kayak, fitness, values, personal trainer, fitness coach, development,kids, kayaking, kiak, homeschool , sports, PE, values, education

During the last 10 months of sports lesson with Coach Nanfeng , I have learnt how to take responsibility, be respectful, type a reflection, reflect on my actions, be positive and have teamwork with my friends. I have improved on my burpees, kayaking, rock climbing, stamina, positivity, pushups, responsibility by taking care of the kayak and both paddles I used in the water and on land.

I enjoyed a lot of things like the kayaking, rock climbing, badminton and even the basic cardio activities and body weight exercises done at the start of the year. However, I did not like the heat and how my fingers and hands were feeling after the rock climbing and kayaking for the first few days. I did not really like capsizing in the water as I am afraid of what is below me and I can not see the bottom of the lake so there might be crocodiles or alligators at the under me or near me but i still did it anyway because it makes me a little stronger everytime i do something that i am afraid of or something that i dont like.

I also like how we played the matches in badminton and how we had all the courts one day playing badminton and the games we playing while we were warming up and ending for badminton. I also like when we went to the lazy river and pool after the class at the start of the year. We had a lot of fun with Shaun and Shannon, Justin and Hannah. And I do not really like when we did the physical training before kayaking and after kayaking. Like the push ups on the hard ground and pull ups with the thick rubber band thing and without the thick rubber band thing.

The values I learnt have improved my attitude in life and had a lot of fun with my friends. This thing has helped me in my fitness and now I don’t feels as tired when I go for more training.

Coach Nanfeng, kayak, fitness, values, personal trainer, fitness coach, development,kids, kayaking, kiak, homeschool , sports, PE, values, education

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