Everlynn: Overcoming challenges to live a healthier lifestyle

Before I met Nan Feng, I faced a few challenges which affected my health. Firstly, I struggled to exercise self-control over my diet due to the habit of stress eating. This resulted in significant weight gain over the years. Secondly, I had no motivation to engage in any form of physical activities as I was constantly tired and lethargic.

I truly wanted to make a change for myself. Hence, I made the decision to embark on a Journey with Nan Feng for a healthier lifestyle.

However, I felt that the road towards a better health is extremely tough. For this, I am glad I had a conversation with Nan Feng before we started. Honestly, when we first met, I was startled by her questions. All I wanted was to go on a fitness journey yet I felt as though I was going for a job interview because of those deep, thought-provoking questions she presented.

Nevertheless, it was through our conversation that I found clarity and purpose in my fitness goals. Eventually, this served as an important reminder for me in times when I felt like giving up, especially at the beginning where change was tough.

3 months on, with the customised exercise and diet plan prescribed by Nan Feng, I feel better and more confident about myself. I experienced a significant improvement in my digestion. I have lost 7kg, of which I never imagined I could. I felt lighter and more energetic than before.

What is more surprising for me is that I no longer crave for desserts which are extremely high in sugar, I am satisfied with those that taste half as sweet. Also, I learn to appreciate the food for it’s original taste. Hence, I do not need seasoning to be able to enjoy my food.

This fitness journey with Nan Feng is definitely enlightening. I have learnt a lot from her in terms of exercise, nutrition and mindset. Though it was not easy, I am now more resilient and I want to say, I do enjoy my sessions with her.

– Everlynn, Administrator

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