Eng Chun: Feeling energized and youthful once more

In my younger days in my twenties and thirties, I used to be fairly active – swimming, cycling and golfing regularly. In the past decade, however, as my family and work commitments began to pile up, I inadvertently started to neglect and de-prioritize exercising. During this time, I noticed my weight slowly but inexorably creeping up. I also found my energy and fitness levels diminishing with prolonged sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercising. I did attempt some to bring down my weight DIY-styled but without proper guidance and programme, the results were not needle-moving and I soon gained back whatever little weight I managed to lose and more.

About nine months ago, my wife encouraged me to sign up for personal training with Nan Feng. Initially, I was reluctant as I felt that at my age, my body could already be ‘over the hill’ and I may have trouble keeping up and sticking with the programme. Shortly after that though, when I saw my wife who had signed up for personal training with Nan Feng achieving amazing results, I proceeded to join her too.

In months that followed, through the well-structured exercise programme, dietary advice and constant monitoring and motivation from Nan Feng, I started to lose my flabs and notice my body becoming more toned and stronger. I was really pleased with the transformation and was particularly proud that I could now do many of the strength-based exercises such as pull-ups, etc. which I had struggled with in the past. Apart from delivering on results, another aspect I like about training with Nan Feng is the way she ramped up the intensity and complexity of the exercises gradually over the course such that I did not feel over-strained unnecessarily. All in all, I have really enjoyed and benefited from my training with Nan Feng.

– Eng Chun, late forties, real estate investment professional.

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