Emily: Confidence through Coaching

After the 1st quarter of 2021, many areas of my life were on a standstill as I was complacent due to my past performance. I had various goals in mind. However, I did not believe in myself and my own abilities. In short, I was not confident of myself. Moreover, I lacked the discipline and the consistency in executing the necessary task to accomplish my goals. These were the areas in my life that I wanted to improve on.

Subsequently, I was introduced to Nan Feng. As a person, I am open to new opportunities and learnings. Thus, I felt that this would a good opportunity for me to grow. With that, I was willing to listen to the tips and get the help I needed to be better.

These 3.5 months journey with Nan Feng has been a short yet fulfilling one where change is constant.

Firstly, I experienced a shift in my mindset through the insights I have gained from our sessions. Secondly, the reflection practices gave me a higher level of self-awareness which helped me to be more proactive rather than reactive. Thirdly, in terms of my attitude, I have become more positive and I can see an improvement in the way I carry out the task I have set out to do. All these changes allow me to have better management of my life.

I am grateful to Nan Feng for helping me through this journey. These sessions taught me to be  discipline, to believe in myself and it has helped me feel more self-confident.

If you are thinking of going on this journey with Nan Feng like I did, what I will suggest is for you to go in with an open heart and mind. With this, Nan Feng will be able to create a safe space that is comfortable enough for you to share your struggles and problems without any form of judgement.

– Emily, Financial consultant representing Great Eastern Financial Advisors

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