Danny Theseira: Road to becoming a Top Performing Leader

Last year, after circuit breaker extended, I embarked on a journey with Nan Feng as my Personal Fitness Coach. Today, I’m fortunate to have her as both my fitness coach and life coach.

In the past 1 year, I’ve experienced vast improvements in my lifestyle and career with the ability to strike a balance that is sustainable. I learnt various concepts from operating above the line and being responsible for everything that happens to me to deeper self-awareness, improved relationships with people around me, learnt to be fully present in everything I do and saw the importance of setting my mind on my long term goals and taking risks to act upon it.

The decision to engage Nan Feng as my life coach was a big bet. I’ve had 2 other life coaches prior to her. With them, I’ve made some progress at that moment in time. However, I was not satisfied. There were still loads to cover but I couldn’t achieve as much due to different reasons such as timing, mismatch footing and probably a relationship with deep chemistry to get there.



Somehow, by coupling fitness trainings with Nan Feng, it made me realise that she is indeed someone whom I could trust, someone who is caring yet unbiased, sincere in wanting to help and non-judgemental. However, I’ll be honest with you, there were some resistance because she’s young, has no former corporate working experience and she’s new to life coaching. Putting all these together, Nan Feng’s CV as a life coach isn’t that great to start but she had heart, a big one.



Nonetheless, where her CV looked great in my view was that she is unconventional. Additionally, she has a great desire and passion to coach those around her, creating a life changing impact on them.

In life, we can wait to Invest or Invest and wait. Here, I chose to invest in Life Coaching with Nan Feng, trust the process and wait for the outcome. Till date, I do not regret my choice. In fact, I foresee myself walking this journey with her over time, regardless where I’m based.

The ongoing focused conversations are truly transformational for me because she has the tendency to ask complex, deep and spot on questions which opened my mind to different perspectives and to overcome my blind spots. Our conversations allowed me to see the possibilities in my situation by tapping on my inner wisdom.

Today, I’m proud to say that I have taken charge of all aspect of my life from fitness, to nutrition, to relationships, to career, to mindset and attitude. For me to have a coach who truly understands me, who considers all areas of my life in building a bigger, better version of me; That I feel, is something very powerful and has tremendous impact on my growth as a person. While we all have our flaws, that doesn’t stop us from trying to become a better version of ourselves.

I recommend anyone who is looking for a Coach to have a conversation with Nan Feng. She has made a difference in my life and trust she can do so for you. If you want guidance, get it but trust the process. It might be easier to start with Fitness trainings thereafter if you are open, branch out to life coaching because most of us cannot put a perceived value to life coaching. Hence, we may not want to invest even though that is what we need.

– Danny Theseira, Senior Advisor (Telecoms Sector)

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