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Hossan Leong – Healthy, fit and bulletproofing knees!

Jake’s student – Hossan Leong I started with Coach Jake in July 2020. With strict diet controls and planned exercises to strengthen my legs, my knee problems were minimised and my cholesterol level dipped. Now 8 months later, I’m Stronger, fitter and leaner. Definitely motivated to continue on this path to better health as I […]

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Success Stories – Swapnil : Fitness is a Lifestyle

Jake’s Student – Swapnil   In late 2017, I considered myself fit, on account of being able to run 5k and manage some aspects of my food. I was overweight and over the next couple of years, struggled with knee pain, workout discipline, long working hours and psychological fatigue. As luck would have it, I […]

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Success Stories – Veena – Sedentary to Fit

Jake’s Student – Veena I met Jake back in late 2017. Having been sedentary for most of my life and dealing with life as a new mum, I had put on weight that I was finding difficult to shed.  I also was battling anxiety and borderline depression, and found little motivation to get by daily […]

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Success Stories: Constance Chan, lost 36kg in 9months

  Testimonial from Nanfeng’s student: Constance Chan The Power of Choice, Coach and Change Coach Nan Feng is the core factor of my change in the last few months. In 9 months, I had achieved a weight reduction of 36 kg, the doctor took off the hypertension medicine I had taken daily for the past […]

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Success Stories – Shane Goh – Clearing IPPT while fixing patella tendonitis

Shane’s situation was slightly different from Robin’s even though they have the same injury. (If you have read Robin’s testimonial). Patella Tendonitis may happen to anyone in different ways, and the difference results in a different approach to manage it.   Jake’s Student Testimonial: Shane Goh Wen Jie is professional, effective, and overall an outstanding […]

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Success Stories: Alvin Ng – A Doctor that advises by example

Testimonial by Jake’s Student: Alvin Ng I have never been able to lose weight and always feel tired. I have tried jogging and dieting but managed to achieve very little. I was convinced to sign up with Jake by my buddy who’s a surgeon. I wanted to lose weight, feel stronger and live longer! As […]

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Success Stories: Michelle Xiao – ACL tear

Testimonial from Jake’s Student: Michelle Xiao In 2018 January, I had a very serious skiing accident and my right knee ACL was completely torn. After that, I had the ACL reconstruction surgery and started my prolonged rehabilitation. It was tough. I wasn’t able to walk without crutches for almost three months. After gaining the ability […]

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Success Stories: Derek Lim – Starting Over Going Stronger

Testimonial by Jake’s Student: Derek Lim I had always wanted to get fit and able to play the sports (Run, Swim, Tennis etc)I enjoy. But my health issues have taken a toll on my fitness journey. In 2010, I was diagnosed with having a heart issue and had to go through a double heart-bypass. My […]

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Success Stories : Daphne – Health before Vanity

Testimonial by Jake’s Student: Daphne I found myself falling ill almost every other week which finally landed me in hospital and on medical leave for a month. What’s worse was I turned to comfort food to help me manage the grief. The food was comforting but did not do good for my waistline. I started […]

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Values and Education in Sports: Patience to achieve Skill Mastery

Testimonial from Nan Feng’s Student (Kiak Parent): Corinna Tan Coach Nanfeng has been an invaluable part of my child’s development and interest in sports and fitness. She possesses every quality that a parent would want in a great coach. She is extremely fun-loving, passionate, dedicated and motivating. More importantly, she instils these same qualities in […]

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