Angela Cheong – Guidance to Independence!

When I first met Nan Feng, I didn’t feel I was fit and I wasn’t very happy with my fitness level. My knees hurt when I was going up and down the stairs and I could not squat. However, what truly bothered me, was that I had flabby arms and that caused me to feel really annoyed.

All in all, I didn’t have a solution of my own. Hence, I couldn’t do anything about it until I met Nan Feng through a course we attended together. That’s when the light bulb in my head lit up and I told myself “I’m going to give this girl a try!”

During my first conversation with Nan Feng before we started, I was very hopeful, positive, cheerful and I really looked forward to our sessions together as I felt that she could fix me. However, her rates created some sort of resistance for me. Thus, I dealt with it by putting myself in her shoes and thought, “If I am the one coaching and providing such personal services, I will also charge at this rate!”

Moreover, these 6months with Nan Feng have been extremely useful for me. I have learnt how to use the exercises she taught me to solve my problems. My legs are much stronger, I can walk up and down the stairs, squat and feed my cats without an issue! My arms have also become much stronger and I am able to do knee raises on a bar comfortably.

More importantly, Nan Feng explains the exercises thoroughly and she introduces a large variety of exercises into our trainings. Therefore, with the knowledge I have gained from her, I am now able to recreate some of these trainings for myself. So right now, I can say that I know how to look after myself way better than before and with this know-how, I am attempting to maintain my fitness level independently over the next 3-4 months!

My biggest takeaway from Nan Feng is, “I cannot keep doing 1 fixed set of exercises. The exercises have got to be dynamic and they need to be increasingly more difficult and more challenging otherwise the body will adapt to it”

I made my choice 6 months ago to work with Nan Feng and I have benefitted greatly from it. If you are considering a change in lifestyle for yourself, quickly make a call to Nan Feng, she will be able to assess what you need and design a program specific to your needs and your goals to help you to achieve what you want. “FASTER CALL!”

-Angela Cheong, 53 yrs old, Real Estate Agent

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