Adrian Ang – Exercising with no results

I have been training with Jake for approximately 4 months. When I first started, I set a goal that I didn’t really believe I could achieve. I thought however that like “GOAL 2010: Singapore at the World Cup”, it was good to have something to work towards (even if it would never happen). I also wondered how seeing Jake once a week could make a difference. Presumably, the torture that he would put us through in an hour wouldn’t have much effect on our bodies. In any case, I was curious and played along.


What a difference 4 months have made! Not only have I made it to the World Cup but as a 43-year-old male, I am definitely faster (and probably) stronger than my twenty-year-old self. Jake’s rather insidious method is to give you detailed “homework” after the one weekly training session that he takes you through. There are exercise routines and detailed meal plans to follow throughout the week. The exercise routines are calibrated just right – enough to make you tired but not enough to break you (sorry Ivan Drago). That way, you just keep going. The meal plans are also ok. There is flexibility in that you don’t have to eat boiled chicken breasts for every meal!


All in all, I am very grateful to Jake for his help on this journey to good health! I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants to run faster, get stronger or just become healthier!


Adrian Ang,


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