Month: August 2021

Renu Mohan: Belittled to Empowered in 3.5 months!

I was first introduced to Nan Feng in April this year when my team leader invited her to have a conversation with us. At that point in time, I was just coming out of a toxic relationship where I was told to have smaller dreams. Hence, I was often ridiculed whenever I spoke of my big […]

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Everlynn: Overcoming challenges to live a healthier lifestyle

Before I met Nan Feng, I faced a few challenges which affected my health. Firstly, I struggled to exercise self-control over my diet due to the habit of stress eating. This resulted in significant weight gain over the years. Secondly, I had no motivation to engage in any form of physical activities as I was […]

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Peiyi: Procrastination to Effective Habit!

Having started out as the classic couch potato, I sincerely appreciate Nan Feng’s patience to slowly guide me with baby steps so that I do not hate working out. Previously, I led a pretty sedentary lifestyle with occasional exceptions where I tried to work out on my own by watching Youtube videos and going for a […]

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